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The Genius Department was established to help people, who find it difficult to find the right gifts for any special occasion.

We all know when it comes to giving gifts, choosing can be a long, laborious and difficult process. Trying to choose the right gift.

Our aim is to help you find that perfect gift, that won't break the bank.

AMAZING gift ideas at the touch of a button!  The majority of our stunning and unique, gift items are priced under £20-£30. 

They've been carefully sourced from recommended suppliers from all over the globe, so you be rest assured that you have a UNIQUE gift, that not everyone else will be gifting the same item to the same person. 

BEFORE investing in a gift purchase it's recommended that you take some time to think about the person that you are buying for.

Three important questions to ask yourself 

1. What are there hobbies or pursuits...?

2. What do they enjoy doing in their leisure time?

Eg. Do they enjoy Cooking? Cycling, Swimming, Fitness.

Do they like tech and gadgets. Do they own a smartphone?

Drive a car? Enjoy travelling?

Are they an animal lover? Do they go out on country walks with their dog?

NAIL THIS and you could have a gift idea in the making.

Hopefully the website will help you to purchase a thoughtful gift, for your loved ones and nearest and dearest!

They will know you have put some thought into choosing the ideal perfect gift.

Show them how much you care by sourcing a unique and special gift for special occasions ie Christmas, Celebrations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings or Engagements.

The Genius Department store - Gifts that won't break the bank! 

Also items that are sure to improve your life. No matter what age you are.

Each week we'll showcase our product of the week hand chosen by us featured over on our blog

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